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Welcome to ILPBBGZ♥ official site (I LOVE, PHAT BIG AND BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ). The goal and mission are to inspire the plus size community to be confident and comfortable in their  skin, To bring more visibility to the Plus size woman. Society today has tagged the “plus size woman” as too  ‘big’ ‘ugly’ ‘shapeless’ or … Over the years The Plus size community are discriminated and Body-shamed and left out in so many aspect of our everyday life. You see a full-figure woman and you have an issue with her size? Just go on with your life and don’t say a word, it’s better than body bullying her or making

Honey you are beautiful and let nobody tell you otherwise, you are an epitome of beauty. The plus size woman should carry herself with pride, love, poise and always remember your happiness comes first and you are in charge of yourself.

Self love and self acceptance is what we need. The awareness on the Plus size community is necessary and compulsory and as a man I took the liberty to Create the #ILPBBGZ in 2010, I Love PHAT, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL Woman.

Ending body shaming is a vital thing to do as it doesn’t affect the Plus size woman alone, in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, If you are thin or too thin there is a problem. You face being body shamed. It’s all about the people who make these utterances and not the people with the size. Being Big, Curvy, Full figured doesn’t mean you have some health issues! Don’t let other people’s opinion control your life.

Thank you and always remember I love you and no one can make you feel inferior without your consent…. All size matters.

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