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A September To Remember!!

     A woman is beautiful in every way and it doesn’t matter what size or shape or color. In today’s society, a woman becomes an object of ridicule and jokes because of her body type. You will agree with me that being a BIG/FAT girl isn’t easy or so acceptable in the society today.   The plus size community is facing a big challenge everyday as you all know it, a plus size woman has herself to face, her friends, choosing cloths type, shoe type and size, has challenges with social gathering and the society at large. If...

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The Zipper

If I suck it in and hold my breath just a little more, I can get the zipper up”, I said to myself yesterday in the dressing room at the shop, Just another 1/2 inch and I’d be down another size!

Then it dawned on me that if I kept sucking in and holding my breath to wear a size smaller jean that the only “down” I’d be doing would be falling down to the floor due to lack of oxygen!

Why is it that we place so much value on the ability to get a zipper up? 

Society has placed...

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  Recent trends have made the larger population believe that it is abnormal to be ‘big’ or ‘fat’ as they would rather call it, this trend has led some beautifully gorgeous and curvy creatures feeling less attractive or not wanted in the society, little wonder why everybody wants to lose weight, even when the weight just puts you in a perfect attracting position, this is a norm that a large number of people have gotten accustomed to but that shouldn’t be the case as every single individual has to be comfortable in his or her skin, you have to...

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Choosing Your Reflection

What is the reflection that I choose to see in the mirror of life that reflects back with me?

It begins as a child as we change and we grow. How the reflection will change, we really can’t know.

A pillowcase used for the veil of a bride, and a baby doll used for a child by your side.

The reflection is pure, all your dreams will come true. The choice that you make is to like the real you.

With each passing year the reflection gets blurred by the voices outside; the cruel words that are heard.

It’s now hard to choose the...

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