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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone and how are my curvy, thick and big ladies, in today’s blog post we get to feature something from a very beautiful lady with an amazing smile to die for, Its been a great year and alot has been said and done…. the year 2016 has been a great year, though it had its ups and downs, The good thing about everything is that the Plus size community is making wave at all point, I am glad that my blog and social media platform is also helping to encourage someone out...

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Another fascinating #MOMENTWITHUNCLEOLU feat Kwiin

Howdy everyone and have you missed me?? Everyday we face challenges and improvements in our life, Here is a Queen and confident Diva who had a great #MOMENTWITHUNCLEOLU. She is someone each time I see her I just smile and say that’s a lot of thickness and I never say hello… I love how she carry herself and smile confidently, talk without being shy or intimidated because she is BODY SHAMED, She is indeed a source of inspiration to some #thick girls out there. Sit back, relax and read intelligently as she takes you into her world. Like They all say...

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To my 16 year old self.

      I wouldn’t say I have any regrets as regards my teenage years. But there are definitely somethings I would love to change or adjust if i could turn back the hands of time. In my younger days, I had my own share of self esteem issues, I felt I wasn’t good enough, I always felt the need to please people and to fit in. Inferiority complex wasn’t far away as this was my “best nemesis” so to say… And now that I look back, i wish i had a bigger me to tell my 16 year...

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    The entertainment industry is made up of the movie industry, the comedy industry, the music industry and the likes. The people in this sector offer their audience humor, excitement and relaxation through the movies they act, the songs they sing, their dance steps etc. Today, we are going to be celebrating plus-size women in the entertainment sector; women with strong will, charisma and confidence. These women are taking the front rows, and they do what they do with pure passion and professionalism… They are a source of inspiration to us and we are proud of them. Relax,...

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Plus size dominating…..

  KHLOE KARDASHIAN DESIGNS DENIM FOR PLUS SIZE WOMEN There is no doubt that every woman wants to be trendy and rock outfits that are in vogue. Reality star, Khloe Kardashian “jeans junkie” recently announced her denim “Good American”; and the most amazing part is that she’ll be making sizes through 24! I guess you are as excited as we are, we all can’t wait to see what she has in stock. This premium collection was lunched on October 18 at Nordstrom and will go from a size 0 to 24! @goodamerican will offer three denim styles: Good Legs (skinny),...

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