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Body positivity

Do you know the meaning of body positivity? have you ever been body positive? do you express body love and are you a body positivity advocate ??? Body positivity is helping everyone accept and respect their body irrespective of size and weight. How has body positivity influenced and helped us all?? We get to see some so called influencers losing weight, going for surgeries and still preaching about Body positivity, thereby recreating a body type that is in most cases naturally untenable. Of course this comes with attendant side effects in the medium and long term. Body love, body...

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As good as Ginger!

Today let’s Talk About GINGER And It’s Benefits . Ginger root has been used by the Chinese and others nation for thousands of years. There are so many medical compounds in ginger but the most effective one come from GINGEROLS. They are highly potent antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory. HEALTH BENEFITS; 1. Fights fungal and bacteria infections 2.ginger consumption reduces stroke and heart disease. 3. Improves digestion and nausea. 4. Removes constipation and gastrointestinal stress. 5. Helps absorb nutrients 6.inhibits cancer cell growth. 7. Reduces inflammation and pain. 8. Lowers cholesterol and arthritis 9.Improves diabetes symptoms Etc. You can use...

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Things to know about Turmeric!

Let’s talk about TURMERIC, TURMERIC (curcumin) comes from curcuma longa plant which grows in Asia and other Southeast countries, the dried root of the curcuma longa plant is grounded into the yellow turmeric powder. CURCUMIN is a bioactive compound found in the indian curry spice TURMERIC. Turmeric is an excellent source of Iron, Manganese, Vitamin B6 ,dietary fiber and potassium. HEALTH BENEFITS *prevents cellular aging. *powerful for reducing inflammation. *preventative and helpful for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. *potent for liver disorder, cystic fibrosis, diabetic wounds ,running nose *Anti cancer properties, suppresses cancer growth and reduces side effects of chemotherapy. *helpful...

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Ashley Graham is one of the most recognized plus size model in the world and an amazing self-love and body positive activist, she continues to wow the world and inspire plus size women around the world. The Beautiful model and creator of #beautybeyondsize who recently slayed the “met ball” red carpet pose nude in her latest shoot and interview for Vmagazine with award-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross.       She talked about body love, cellulite, her life before modelling, almost giving up on her dreams of becoming a model and more. I think I hit rock bottom around 18.I...

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Trendy and Beautiful Ankara Styles For Plus Size Ladies.

Ankara Styles has been around for a very long time and doesn’t look like its going anywhere anytime soon with new and creative styles coming up everyday….. there are different ways to style it,and it comprises of different styles from jump suits, gowns, crop tops, skirt and blouse and so on, you can use accessories to complement what you are wearing . Ladies around the world are going crazy over Ankara Styles, it’s a new and trendy way to express fashion sense in the African way. Ankara Styles has its on way of captivating people’s heart when a person...

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