Do you know the meaning of body positivity?
have you ever been body positive?
do you express body love and are you a body positivity advocate ???
Body positivity is helping everyone accept and respect their body irrespective of size and weight.
How has body positivity influenced and helped us all??
We get to see some so called influencers losing weight, going for surgeries and still preaching about Body positivity, thereby recreating a body type that is in most cases naturally untenable. Of course this comes with attendant side effects in the medium and long term.
Body love, body positivity and fat-positivity campaigns have in so many ways contributed to stopping body shaming.
Below are some meanings of BODY POSITIVITY from some of our followers.
Body positivity means being comfortable in your own skin regardless of what standards society put up for you to abide by. It means acknowledging the beauty of another woman and knowing that it鈥檚 not the absence of your own. The media has for so long portrayed the perfect woman as the one with a flat stomach and slim thighs. So much pigeonholed the idea of “slaying” that women around the world now try so much to live up to that image. But I think it’s safe to say that so many of us have now broken out of those chains to start embracing all that we are in all our different forms with so much pride and elegance. I swear it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. Body positivity is not a trend but a lifestyle and the world should also know that we (the society of big and thick women) are one of the most oppressed in society. And rather than ruffling the feathers of shame, we are coming for everything society says we could never be or have. It’s the new day and what a time to be alive because: these thick thighs save lives.
Body Positivity: to love oneself completely. The first thing I tell anyone is this: you have to start from within, and if you鈥檙e not happy with who you are you鈥檒l never be happy with what you look like. Work on your mind and then your body and then your spirit will be happy
S0_gand_ –
Body positivity is you being a fan of your body irrespective of how it looks. You appreciating your body for how far it has carried you. You acknowledging your body for its strengths and weaknesses and that you are an entity stitched together by the most Supreme Being. Your acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional mercy, love and devotion to your body is my idea of body positivity.
Reina (@reinadea_
Body positivity is more than a phrase to me.
Growing up, I was the opposite and hated myself, you see. From being teased and ridiculed, to trying to hide and not go to school. It鈥檚 vital for a young woman to feel good about herself; it reflects how you act, and how you let others treat you. I don’t know why I tried to rhyme because honestly there are times where I still struggle but it’s a process I’m willing to go through for not only myself but that girl who turns on the TV and needs to see herself. Being called beautiful means nothing if you never see it. For years before I actually tried modeling I was told I should but knew how society viewed girls and women like me. I didn’t choose to be plus-sized, plus-size chose me and I’m glad it did. Big, small, in between, you are beautiful and unique. Whatever you do to make you feel good do it, and let nobody make you feel other than that. Good.
聽#BodyPositivity is one of the most popular hashtags on social media and it promotes all body and diverse body images for plus-size community and everybody. It is one of the best campaigns on social media and has at least 2.1 million posts on Instagram.
In recent times, I read an article speculating it was banned on IG because of its numerous nudes and semi nudes that accompanied the popular hashtag.
So many models on IG has taken to posting only a certain type of picture (naked/semi-naked) and not all of them post this because they want to, some post it harmlessly and without ill intentions and some for the followers which are mostly male followers and such pictures bring more likes, engagement too.
I for one entertain any type of post for so many reasons and every time a post is made a lot of us get the wrong ideas towards it.
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