There is always greatness in everyone we meet and a lesson to learn from them, Today We have Brittany here with Us and she is beautiful, most amazing and inspiring. Take a look at some years back you see there is a great change in our everyday life! This lady has gone through a lot but she still stand Tall and Walk tall, #NOSHAME #NOREGRET

She is young, a singer, laughs with all her heart and above love to conquer and inspire people around her.


Tell us about yourself –
I am 25 and from Texas. I am a medical assistant, singer and aspiring model. I love to laugh and I love fashion. By the way laughter is good for the soul. I’m just someone who is trying to fulfill her dreams, build my confidence and live life to the fullest.

Are you a model? 
Yes I am a model. I look forward to venturing deeper into this. I really want to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what society says.

Do you like being referred to as FAT/CHUBBY/BBW/PHAT/BIG?

To be honest in the beginning I didn’t care for either of the names listed. But the older I have gotten I’ve learned to embrace and love who I am. So BBW I prefer.

What size/weight is healthy or unhealthy to you? 

I don’t want to necessarily put a number on healthy or unhealthy because I think society has made the world believe that just because your bigger your unhealthy which is far from the truth. You can be fat and fit.
whats your favorite fashion trend? why do you like it?

I don’t have a specific trend. There’s so many I’m in love with it. But let’s just say any trend Rihanna sets I’m all for.
Do you wear swimwear or Lingerie?

I wear both. But prefer Lingerie…

Who is your role model? 

My mother is my role model and although she has since passed she has instilled in me the values of kindness, generosity and self-respect. She was a die-hard Christian and I admire her tremendously for her spiritual strength and belief in God. I witness her suffer through some trials and tribulations and it has always pushed me to be better and never give up because she didn’t. I’ve learned to stop complaining so much and be more grateful of my life because of her testimony.

Have you ever been bullied or body shamed? How did you handle it? 

I actually have been bullied not only for my size but because of my race and because I was adopted. As a minor I didn’t quite understand how to handle it but now at an older age the best way I feel to handle a bully is to first learn to love you. Build your confidence and acceptance in who you are. If you believe for one second any of the hurtful things they may say then that’s where they have you and they will continue to try to break you. I’m still a work in progress, but once you learn to love you what others say can no longer penetrate your mind and hurt you.
At what age did you learn about self-love?

My current age which is 25. I’ve always heard of it, I was coached on loving myself but never really grasp the meaning. I guess when you are so used to always giving love and never receiving it you become accustomed and so comfortable that you don’t realize that the first most important person in your life should be you. So at this current time I’m learning that it’s OK to love others but you have to love you first you have to know that you are wonderful, beautiful, amazing and you are everything God made you to be. 

Do you think the plus size community is getting the attention and awareness it deserves?

In some ways yes. Some of the attention I’m not a fan of. I feel some people only scream plus size because they feel it’s a trend right now and for someone who is plus size baby we’re not a trend we are the Hit. We are all beautiful individuals. But the things I do like are the fact that we have people who are plus size breaking out of their shell loving themselves and realizing that it’s OK to be different. God made us in different shapes, sizes, races etc. The love that is being created within the plus size community is phenomenal.

Has your size ever affected your relationship in any way?
Ummmm, yeah it had at some point when I was in a relationship. I’ve been insecure at times, because I felt that maybe they would prefer to be with someone who is of a smaller size. When your grow up seeing everyone skinny, all of the models and the magazines sizes 5 and below you sometimes doubt or question yourself especially in a relationship. And with the way of the world now days looks seem to be the only thing people are concerned with. I’m just learning to love me and my size and work on being a better and happier me.

What do you think about ILPBBGZ ?
Honestly, I truly love your page. I think the platform and opportunity you are putting out here for those who are plus size is amazing. Somewhere we can all support one another and show and spread love. I feel your page is giving confidence and life to people. It is my prayer that God will bless you tremendously for what you are doing right now.

whats your advice to the beautiful sisters out there?

Love yourself first no matter how you look and no matter your size. People will always find a way to discourage you especially when they notice your self-love but I pray that you will be strong and know that you are beautiful. God created you in his image so with that you have not one reason to question how amazing you are. Strive to be great and ignore all hate.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any question for our amazing lady feel free to use the comment section and also you can connect with her in Instagram on @brittany_nicole_91