Fashion Brand #Zara slammed for using skinny models in “CURVY CAMPAIGN”…..

Angry customers have slammed the fashion brand for using “thin models” to promote their denim line for plus size women. The advert “Love your Curves” features two slim models wearing the brands curve jeans.

What’s the need of creating and designing a denim line for plus and curvy women and not be proud or bold enough to use them for the campaign???

Like I always say, the real reason most people are trying so hard to be a part of the plus size visibility and end body shaming campaign is for their personal profit as they see it as a way to make gain and exploit…… well, that’s been said it’s also true that women are beautiful in different ways and with different curve and style… using only slim or skinny models for their adverts.  It’s totally wrong and not a good way to encourage the plus size community.

I adore the plus size woman with big butts or less curves, rolls and so on, You are all beautiful and in Africa, Nigeria mostly, the campaign isn’t getting as much visibility as it gets in other parts of the world.

It will be a game changer if there are more campaigns here in Nigeria or what do you guys think??