It isn’t an easy task shopping when your dress size is 16 and above. It is painful when that one dress you really like isn’t available in your size. It’s as though the fashion industry (Designers inclusive) have forgotten that plus size women exist and matter! Plus size women shouldn’t be relegated to shopping for just shoes,bags and accessories when shopping with friends, just because they can’t find any dress that fits. But oh well! I guess that’s one of the things we hope changes one day.  Regardless of the challenges associated with shopping as a plus size lady, we must find a way to slay and look good. I’ll be dropping few suggestions on how shopping can be made less difficult. Take a read and let me know your thoughts, suggestions and additions.









Shopping online saves a lot of stress really!  You don’t have to face that yeye sales assistant that looks at you in some sort of way when you tell him the dress doesn’t fit. It’s always better to shop with online stores that have a return policy. This is surely stress-free and convenient, and you also get something you actually like. There are several online shopping stores that offer plus size clothing, go for a trusted store; beware of fake stores and rip offs.


Another way of getting a nice and fitted outfit is by getting them made. You can bring to life any cloth you saw online by giving it to a good fashion designer. Doing this gives you the edge of adding designs you want and customizing it into what you really like. Remember getting a good tailor is a major key.







It is more likely to get something that will fit in bigger stores, compared to smaller stores. When shopping, opt for bigger stores that sell variety of wears in different sizes. And then you’ll come out with bags of cloth.





Do not give up; keep searching till you find that store that has exactly what you want. This is no doubt a difficult task, but hey! It’s all worth it in the long run.