Happy new month everyone and We wish you all a very productive month… We have with us today Olivia, an amazing woman with great confidence and self love . We are happy to have the opportunity to feature her on our #MOMENT WITH UNCLE OLU.

Uncle Olu: Tell us about yourself

Olivia: My name is Olivia, I am an opera singer and aspiring plus size model. I recently moved to Chicago, IL for my opera career. I love fashion, acting, hosting events and songwriting. I just recently finished graduate school at Indiana University

Uncle Olu: Are you a model? Do you want to be a model?

Olivia: I’m currently trying to break into the plus size model industry. I would love to model for a big agency or even for plus size clothing labels like Torrid or Lane Bryant. 

Uncle Olu: Do you like being referred to as FAT/CHUBBY/BBW/PHAT/BIG?

Olivia: Fat is just a label but labels can hurt. I’ve learned over the years that I’m so much more than that label. I don’t mind if people call me fat because being fat has nothing to do with what you contribute to society and what type of person you are. I prefer the term BBW, full-figured or big and beautiful 

Uncle Olu: What size/weight is healthy or unhealthy to you? 

Olivia: Being a certain size doesn’t mean your healthy. You can be thin and unhealthy. You can be fat and unhealthy. To that same vain you can be fat and healthy. Regardless you need to exercise and try to eat right the best you can. 

Uncle Olu: What’s your favorite fashion trend? Why do you like it?

Olivia: I have never been one to follow trends.

Uncle Olu: Do you wear swimwear or Lingerie?

Olivia: Yes, being plus size doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy in lingerie or swimwear. 

Uncle Olu: Who is your role model?

Olivia: My angel mother, she’s everything I hope to be. 

Uncle Olu: What part of your body do you admire most?

Olivia: I like everything about my body. You have to love every inch of yourself, confidence is key. 

Uncle Olu: Have you ever been bullied or body shamed? How did you handle it?

Olivia: Yes I’ve been bullied by family members about my weight. I just ignore them. People who talk about others appearance aren’t worth your time. Surround yourself with people who don’t judge others, those are the people whose opinions truly matter. 


Uncle Olu: Do you think the plus size community is getting the attention and awareness it deserves?

Olivia: Yes I think recently it has come a long way and has gotten a lot more attention but it could certainly be getting more. 

Uncle Olu:  Has your size ever affected your relationship in any way?

Olivia: Not at all. 

Uncle Olu:  What do you think about ILPBBGZ?

Olivia: I think ILPBBGZ is a wonderful and positive platform to showcase plus size women in a great light. I think they are doing great things in the plus size community and I am very grateful for this opportunity. It is very refreshing to see plus size women being held in such a high regard. 

Uncle Olu: What’s your advice to the beautiful sisters out there? 

Olivia: You can do anything you put your mind to. Ignore the haters and realize your worth has nothing to do with your size.

IG: @livliv2014