Good day everyone and how have you been? its another amazing moment with Uncle Olu, I want to thank all the super beautiful ladies who make ILPBBGZ move forward and thank you to Beautiful grace for given me the opportunity with her….. Lets get to know a little about Grace.

Tell us about yourself 

My name is Grace Mbeni. I am a 24-year-old graduate in a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and Security Studies currently working as an Administrator in a Law firm in Nairobi, Kenya. I love-making new friends, laughing and hiking. I am slow to temper and I am the best version of myself . I love real people in my life and always ensure that I keep them close. I am fun to be around and appreciate every person around me.

Are you a model? do you want to be a model?-

I am a model with Plus Fab Modelling Agency in Kenya that is entirely focused on plus size women. I would love to venture more into the modelling world and work with more brands not just locally but internationally as well.

               Do you like being referred to as FAT/CHUBBY/BBW/PHAT/BIG?

   I have no problem with how anyone refers to me as. Being a naturally bold, happy and charming person, my physique is usually the last item in a conversation list after my personality. I am very flexible and people are actually amazed at the much I can do physically compared to slim figured ladies. I have a killer smile that is complemented by my eyes and curvaceous body. I find people lost of words on where to start. I call what I just did in this paragraph, CONFIDENCE!

One thing about life that I have embraced over the years is the diversity of people and their preferences.

  What size/weight is healthy or unhealthy to you?-

I cannot dictate the ideal weight or size for anyone. To me, a weight or size that I feel comfortable in is when I am able to go through my day without necessarily worrying about fatigue from my weight. Where I am active and fully alert with no health complications like heart attacks or blood pressure. I lead a healthy lifestyle that entails eating healthy, working out regularly and taking a lot of water. I am comfortable in my skin. I work towards making it better.

 whats your favorite fashion trend? why do you like it

 Laces are my favorite fashion trends coupled with elastic material. I prefer such as it gives me the flexibility to fit into any type of garment without worrying about the fitting part. They again bring out the curves perfectly just as I like them. The laces cover but leave room for imagination and desire. I love looking good and mysterious.

Do you wear swimwear or Lingerie?-

 I wear swimsiuts and lingerie comfortably. My sizes are designed for me to wear, I do them injustice leaving them in shops with nobody to put them on. I love my body and showing it off once in a while feels refreshing.

 Who is your role model?-

 My role model since childhood has always been Mo’nique of ‘The Parkers’. She is the older version of me. Seeing her confidence and awesome personality on television as I grew up really contributed to the woman I have grown into today. Her warm personality and love for herself is out of this world. Though she lost weight, I love her dedication to making changes and implementing them.

Have you ever been bullied or body shamed? How did you handle it?-

You can imagine I have never been bullied or body shamed, EVER!! Just because of a simple reason, I am very confident. I always fit in and nothing scares me about my body.

At what age did you learn about self-love?-

I must say at around the age of sixteen as I walked into adulthood. I always dreamed of loosing weight when I was younger so as to look like my friends but when I learnt that I am just fine, I started working on living healthy and being fit. Which is who I am today, plus, fit and healthy.

Do you think the plus size community is getting the attention and awareness it deserves?-    

            The plus size community is yet to receive the full and well deserved attention it needs. The efforts are however noticed and appreciated. The African woman is thick and sassy. Westernization had brainwashed us at some point but am glad we appreciate ourselves.

Has your size ever affected your relationship in any way?

My size affected my relationships in high school while growing up and before finding out about self-love. I would not date boys my age as they were all smaller than me in frame and I hated feeling like their ‘aunt’. They also did not make it any easier as they were shy of being seen with a girl bigger than them. When self-love kicked in, I became hot cake my friend, I was too much. The issue became I stole people’s boyfriends, hahahaha… Who to blame and all the boys wanted to be with this confident and lovely girl. Being a child was fun I tell you.

What do you think about ILPBBGZ?-

The smile is real and the CONFIDENCE is incomparable!!

I love the fact that you promote positivity about plus size women and empowering them to love themselves. This is something that has been lacking for the longest time ever. Having you reassured me that it is okay to be plus size and be more lovable just as I am. Thank you.

whats your advice to the beautiful sisters out there?– 

                           My advice to my dear beautiful sisters is, it does not matter your size, what matters is if you love yourself. If you do, then the rest of the people around you will have no problem loving and appreciating you just the way you are. Self confidence is key to living a comfortable and happy life on this earth. Thank God for what you have, someone else envies you for being yourself. Live life, love life.

It was indeed a great moment and I am inspired with all the positive energy and confidence in the air….

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