As the year begin a lot of us took out time to remember what our journey and purpose is about, some of us are on different journeys and it’s a good thing to see that the campaign for the plus size woman is actually making wave and taking good stand at every turn and in every part of the world and as a man who love and adore amazing plus size and Curvy women, I joined in 2010 seeing my love and interest.

A lot has been said and done as I want you all to join me and welcome the ADMIRABLE, BOLD,BEAUTIFUL and COURAGEOUS Woman who happens to show herself lot of love that, no matter what the world tells her and no matter the negativity she is not easily weighed down…. I celebrate and admire you SHELLEY! Once again happy birthday!!!?

Please read what SHELLEY says;

I just wanted to share my personal story with y’all!
Starting January, I will be on my journey again to get healthy, and for me right now, that includes losing weight. Since my grandma passed last year just after Mothers Day, I’ve been depressed and gained 85lbs. It’s not been a good gain for me as this extra 85lbs is really causing a bunch of other health issues and non health issues. However, before gaining, I had no problem maintaining between 280lbs-313lbs. This was my healthy zone. I’d go to my doctor and do all my tests would come back in the normal range. She said to me, and I quote “you’re the healthiest overweight person I’ve ever met!” And then she’d go on to say how even her tests aren’t that good. She’d also say I could stand to lose a few pounds and I know that, but I took those comments as very positive!

Just goes to show that you can be plus size and healthy! Plus size does not mean lazy. H*ll, I’m anything but! I eat healthy most of the time, cause who doesn’t like their treats etc, and I exercise. Don’t need to be 130lbs to be healthy! ?❤ Love yourself! You just got to find YOUR healthy. Of course not everyone will be considered healthy at 300lbs, everyone is different, but I wanted to share my story to hopefully encourage others and prove that you can be plus size and healthy! ??

Thank you guys and hope to bring you more from our Beautiful Plus size ladies out there… share and use the comment section for contributions. Remember never a dull moment with Uncle Olu, love you now and always.