Howdy everyone and have you missed me?? Everyday we face challenges and improvements in our life, Here is a Queen and confident Diva who had a great #MOMENTWITHUNCLEOLU. She is someone each time I see her I just smile and say that’s a lot of thickness and I never say hello… I love how she carry herself and smile confidently, talk without being shy or intimidated because she is BODY SHAMED, She is indeed a source of inspiration to some #thick girls out there. Sit back, relax and read intelligently as she takes you into her world. Like They all say never a DULL #MOMENTWITHUNCLEOLU. 

  1.   Can you tell us about yourself? 

      My name is Blessing Omokoro,Nigerian. My environment is really peaceful. Just like every other peaceful environment with everyone going about their daily activities. My growing up was fun and beautiful till i lost my mum when I was 9. College was not so fun, had low self-esteem and lots of girls talking down on how big i am and i hated been called orobo but they loved it cos it gets me pissed. I felt I was ugly. I kept to myself and couldn’t walk pass people, I’ll have to wait for them to be done with their convo and leave before I can walk pass. I had few Male friends cos they didn’t gossip or talk about how shapeless girls thought I looked and I was cool with that…. lol. University at first was not fun because it was all book affairs for me. It got better in 300l I started loving me, getting use to this beautiful lady I am growing into, loving and working on my curves. I started working out to keep my curves thick and I saw results, started getting compliments and comments, girls started complementing too…. hehehe! It was the best feeling ever… As a medical student had to be serious with studies and do lots of reading but it didn’t stop me from loving myself and when i started loving myself nothing else changed that feeling.

  1. Tell me what do you understand about plus size?

Well some people will say plus size is a size larger than normal, I have never cared about their definition. I know I’m plus size and plus size is me.

  1. What do you know/understand about self-love, self-crush and self-worth/self-acceptance?

     I know how it feels to hate yourself and not like that you are different from others, I know how it feels to hear people call you shapeless and ugly and every other name a beautiful body is not. I will use myself as an example to explain others. My self-love came when I realized the fact that everything that God made is beautiful, he didn’t make some beautiful and other ugly. I realized I’m peculiar cos I don’t need to fit into a box or be like anyone else, I realized i was not the problem but people were because they don’t know how to deal with people who are different instead they tried to change me, bend me, make me normal and break me…. I’m different and that means by all standard I’m what God wants me to be. You can only see me differently if I’m special, made for a purpose, made with a special grace. Hehehehe!

Self worth –I just know I’m a queen…. Anytime, any day and i don’t need a crown to think like one or carry myself in that manner. I know my worth and I over value myself so much that i always add tax to it… hahahaha!

Self acceptance –Like I said I got to accept and love this lady I’m growing into and i also accepted the fact that I will never be a size small, I never tried after I accepted except eating healthy and regular workout… lol Before the acceptance yes i tried and nothing was working like i wanted cos i just wanted to vanish to a size nothing… hahahahaha! But hey! I got to accept that this is who i am and there is no changing that. Instead of denial I started working on thicker curves and loving every part of the attention I got… yes I’m different so people stare, that’s my own paparazzi… lol

  1. What’s your size and what size of dress do you wear?

        I’m a size 16 now with really hug hips… lol..    I wear dress size 16/18 cos of my hips

  1. How do you feel about being a plus size??

I feel honored to be thick. I feel blessed and I thank God everyday cos that is the confidence I have, it use to be what I hated the most but when I feel in love with it I feel too hard…. Plus size is beautiful same as every other size.

  1. How did you manage to develop self-love in the mix of all the drama in the society, was it easy for you?

Developing self-love wasn’t easy. It’s just 1 life, why go through it hating the skin you are stuck in? You can make it better and sexier but it starts with loving the skin you are in and accepting it is beautiful and that worked for me.

  1. Where you ever teased about your size or weight line? /If yes how did you react and handled it?

I was, a million times… been called “orobo” ” fati bom bom” ” earthquake ” lol and other terrible names…. I walk down the road and people are shouting ” ewo” some will even go and call some people to come and see me. If I have any little misunderstanding with anyone the first thing they say is see how fat you are, you will soon have a heart attack and die… so many horrible things but I know in my heart that i was wonderfully made, different and special, if you are not special nobody will waste energy to make you feel terrible that’s what i always told myself… When I was growing up I will cry and tell my mum, she’ll say you are the most beautiful human I know and when she passed on I kept hearing her voice in my head each time i felt ugly so it kept me going….. but these day I’ll tell you to mind your business and your skin will glow that’s if I have your time but if i don’t I will shake my fat ass very well as you are saying whatever and walk away.




Did you ever develop self-hate?? If yes how did you handle it??

Yes I did, I got to accept the fact that I’m stuck with me forever and all I can do is work on me…. I believe in step by step progress than to sit down hating and complaining. when you hate yourself it is very hard to love others unconditionally cos you can’t even love yourself, how do you even begin. Hate is too much energy, not just about the size but loving yourself makes things fall in place because as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Your heart should have so much love for yourself that when people see you and the way you carry yourself, you don’t need to tell them you love yourself cos they can see it.  I started doing all that and I had never felt that good and I continued…. Hate disappeared


Please tell us where you get your clothes from or you make your own cloths? Do you wish to own you’re a clothing line? / Do your wear swim suits and how do you feel in them? /What’s your best color?

I get my clothes from online stores like asos, curvaceous and other online shops that stock plus size clothing. There are also lots of Nigerian shops that stock plus size clothing and they always get beautiful clothes for me. I also have designers make clothing for me, if I’m really in love with a particular design and I love to rock african fabrics too. Yes I will love to have my own clothing line, by His grace very soon… working on that seriously and Yes I wear swim suits and I look amazing in them, I know I have a wonderful body and I know how to flaunt it well…. lol I love black and I love pink too


Have you ever had difficulties with your choice of cloths? / What’s your everyday challenge/struggle as a plus size woman?

Nah, no difficulty with choice of clothes for me… i love jeans and shirts that’s like a daily outfit for me and for formal outfits I always get what i love, I don’t even know how that happens but I look good in them that’s all that matters. My daily struggle is I have hug hips so my top and jean sizes are different, if I get a bigger jean my waist will be lost… lol


When someone describe you as “FAT” how do you feel and react?

My own fat is spelt as “PHATT” pretty, Hot and Triple thick… lol

They pronounce it and I spell it my way, they know what they mean, i know what I mean. So it doesn’t get to me at all….


Will you like to model for a brand if given the opportunity? /Who is your role model in the Plus Size community?

Yes I’ll like to, i have done little plus size modeling in d past.

Essie Golden, I love her so much….


What’s your take on the societal view of the plus Size community Nigeria? / If you can change anything in our society today what will you change??

In recent times they are getting to love plus size and accept it, If I can change anything it will not be with the society but the ladies cos people will always be people and what they think about you or how they see you cannot be changed with them but yourself.

Love yourself

Eat healthy

workout at least 3 times a week

Carry yourself like the queen that you are

Rock beautiful outfits you love

know what suits you, wear it cos it works for you not because you want to look like a skinny girl that you are not,

know that you are beautiful and beauty is you…


Do you think there is actual Love in the plus Size community?

Yes I think there is, I have been shown love by so many plus size ladies and I was shocked. So yes there is.


That reminds me, do you envy slimmer women? And why?

Nooooooooooooo I don’t………… if I were slimmer and I didn’t have my body am sure I’ll want it and envy it.


What part of your body do you admire most? /Being plus size, has it ever affected your relationship??

Every part honestly…No it has not….. It makes it better instead.

How did you find out about ILPBBGZ Blog?

On Instagram and I love it…


Any words for friends and sisters in the plus Size community??

Keep loving the skin you’re in.

Oh I had a great time and sure you did too, I know there are questions and contribution from our lovely ILPBBGZ Fam and please don’t forget to share. I love you now and always.