I wouldn’t say I have any regrets as regards my teenage years. But there are definitely somethings I would love to change or adjust if i could turn back the hands of time. In my younger days, I had my own share of self esteem issues, I felt I wasn’t good enough, I always felt the need to please people and to fit in. Inferiority complex wasn’t far away as this was my “best nemesis” so to say… And now that I look back, i wish i had a bigger me to tell my 16 year old self that everything was going to be alright, and to tell me not to over think things. I was always bothered about my chubby sef, and felt “ugly” because i was “fat”… I wish I had someone to tell me to love me for me, and that i was beautiful just the way i was. In my younger days i had this strong urge to feel among; I wanted to be part of the “Popular kids” A.K.A the “Cool Kids”, I wanted to dress the way they did and act the way they did. But Hey! Isn’t that what must adults do nowadays, social media serving as the play ground for this.
A large chunk of people on social media are there to be vain; they want to show off their newly acquired apartment in banana island, their new range rover sport or their “amazing” physique, with the sole aim of letting the world know. Some adults still find themselves in situations where they get easily intimidated by the figurative “cool kids” of the society or social media. They get easily intimidated by other people’s posts and lifestyles… I can vividly remember what one of my friends said few weeks back, she said and i quote ” the best place to feel intimidated/ unaccomplished is Instagram” and I was like woah! It’s not that deep… Yeah, I wont debunk the fact that as humans when we see our dear ones succeed in life, by instinct, we get excited; we are happy for them and rejoice, but a few seconds after, we are bound to think about ourselves… Questions like “Why not me” pops up, we worry about our own lives and how we can also achieve happiness. This feeling doesn’t make us bad, it’s only our human nature… It’s only when we channel those feelings into depression or into making us do wicked things that becomes a bad thing.
I’d say see that beautiful woman on Instagram, or that friend of yours that keeps buying cars every now and then, as a source of inspiration not a source of frustration. And you’ll see that the internet isn’t the devil. And to all sixteen year olds out there, feeling they aren’t good enough or they don’t have all it takes to be part of the popular kids at school. Remind yourself it can only get better, and that these things you worry about wouldn’t even matter in 10 years time; but the only thing that would matter is what decisions you made about your life and how seriously you took your education, and to my Big, Bold and beautiful women out there: you are amazing in every way and keep swagging and slaying for you are all beautiful as I won’t ever say less of you…. Love your body and let not your minds play game with you. Do share and let’s get the messsage to every fuller woman out there to be confident at all time. Do not misplace your priorities. Cheers!