Hello everyone, there is no such thing as an ugly woman or an imperfect body, Lets have a great #momentwithuncleolu with this awesome and down to earth lady as she takes us into her world, please read and contribute.



  1. Can you tell us about yourself?  –  “My name is Chiquita I am 38 years young and I’m a wife, a mother of three children two step-daughters and a glam mom of a baby boy. img_6936 I am from Harvey, IL  about 10 miles from Chicago.  When we moved into our neighborhood we were the first black family on our block back in 1982.” 
  2. Tell us about your environment and community/  anything else you will like to add? / How was growing up?? How was your college days/university/hanging out with friends and family?   “I grew up diverse, my childhood friends were of all races including: black, white, hispanic, biracial, and Indian.  I attended Bremen High School in Midlothian, IL from 92-96.  I just had my 20year reunion a month ago.  I graduated from college in 2010 with a double major in criminal justice and liberal arts.  I enjoy hanging with family and friends.  My husband and I share Sunday dinners with close friends and family rotating from five different houses.  This gives us bonding time with other couples and the kids time to spend with each other.”
  3. Tell me what do you understand about plus size?  “Plus size is an work of art that consist of different sizes and shapes.  It starts with the double digit ten and infinity beyond! “
  4. What do you know/understand about self-love, self-crush and self-worth/self-acceptance? “Self-love is the ability to love your-self without needing anyone to make you feel loved and relevant. Self-crush is in the words of Beyoncé is when your feeling your self.  Self-worth is knowing and understanding that you matter, and that you are a human- being that God has made, and no one on this earth but God can judge you.  Self-acceptance is loving you regardless of your flaws, appearance and not caring what society thinks is acceptable. #teamme”
  5. What’s your size and what size of dress do you wear? “I am a 16-18 in pants and a 16 in a dress”
  6. How do you feel about being a plus size??  “I feel comfortable I make the size the size doesn’t make me “
  7. How did you manage to develop self-love in the mix of all the drama in the society, was it easy for you?  “Being a Christian is what manages my self-love, and my sister being burned at 5.  If she doesn’t complain and she has 3rd degree burns to her face, and hands, who am I not to have self-love for my-self.  I don’t complain about my appearance or parts of my body because of her she is my shero :)”
  8. Where you ever teased about your size or weight line?” No, I have not always been plus size”
  9. Take few step back to few years ago and tell us how you feel about yourself now?? “I have always love myself for who I am and a lot has to do with my sister. “
  10. Did you ever develop self-hate??  “No “
  11. Please tell us where you get your clothes from or you make your own cloths.” I shop every where, but my favorite stores are Ashley Stewart‘s, Burlington, and online shopping. “
  12. Have you ever had difficulties with your choice of cloths? “yes I’m bottom heavy so a lot of plus size cloths are big at the top and too small at the bottom.”
  13. What’s your everyday challenge as a plus size woman?  “I don’t have any challenges thank God!”
  14. When someone describe you as “FAT” how do you feel and react?  “I think of the movie BAPS and think of it as PHAT pretty, hot, and tempting :)”
  15. Will you like to model for a brand if given the opportunity? “Yes!! Ashley Stewart, and Torrid
  16. What’s your take on the societal view of the plus size community?  “It’s underrated plus is beautiful, and most people love it but are ashamed to embrace it, instead they leave it in the DM’s lol”
  17. If you can change anything in our society today what will you change??  “The media portraying the audience to believe that only thin is in.”
  18. That reminds me, do you envy slimmer women? And why? “To be honest no, I’m not conceited but I’m comfortable I thank God for my health and just because your thin doesn’t mean your healthy. “
  19. What part of your body do you admire most?  “My hips ‘
  20. Being plus size, has it ever affected your relationship?? “No my husband love plus-size he would prefer me bigger I think his crush is about 150 lbs bigger than I”
  21. Do your wear swim suits and how do you feel in them? “No only because I haven’t been anywhere to have wear one”
  1. How did you find out about ILPBBGZ Blog?  “The creator of the blog invited me
  2. What do you think about ILPBBGZ Blog?? “It’s awesome”
  3. Any words for friends and sister in the plus size community??  “Enjoy those rolls, curves, and shakes not even a dog wants bones any more.’

I hope you all had a great time with the Beautiful, Thick Chiquita, see how confidently she spoke and how she rocks her curves and rolls, be sure to do same as BEAUTY comes in different sizes and shape, We did learn something new today.. comment below for any questions and contributions as its appreciated and thank you for your time and support as we bring you more super exclusives on #MOMENTWITHUNCLEOLU. Remember for the love of thickness, We love you all now and always. #ILPBBGZ.