I can never come to the end of this never ending tale of Self Crush, lol. As a child I used to love that song by Whitney Houston titled; THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL…

Awesome piece,the import and impact of that song didn’t register until I became a grown adult. Self-Love which I call Self-crush when applied in its right quantity is very essential in birthing a fulfilling life. There’s absolutely no way here on this Mother Earth you can love another human being without first loving YOU. Bible puts it thus;

“And YOU shall love your neighbor as YOUrself (the spelling is deliberate).”

Its a godly commandment and a good one at that. But its grand foolery to try giving what you don’t have hoping you can do it well and be rewarded for it. The best you can achieve is filth! Self crushAnd whether we all like this truth or not, the truth still remains that the world’s biggest tragedy is the death of LOVE flowing from one human to another. So how does that affect you? Change starts not with your neighbor, oh no…it starts with you and it starts by you loving you.

Agreeing with the reality that God wasn’t making any mistake when He choose to create you the way you are for a grand purpose but I’m sure its not the first time you’re hearing that neither is it the first time you’re hearing; God NEVER EVER MAKES A MISTAKE.

That you’re Big, Bold and Beautiful is a very right decision by the Supreme Being for a great feat.

Can i hear an AMEN?! lol!!!

If and i hope it has that the previous Self Crushing blog time has made any sense, how about we look into some Big Bold and Beautiful Sisters making us proud round the world.They say pictures tell a thousand words and that being so, lets cut short the story telling and go see some colorful photos of those who having loved themselves enough and are now reaching out to others by extending same love to others too. I hope now a lot of us have been able to understand and see whats important about loving oneself,it is true that you cant love your neighbors without loving yourself and  you ask yourself the connection between SELF-CRUSH,SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH as well as SELF-ACCEPTANCE. I hope i have been able to touch someone reading this as I continue in my next post.