Good day everyone and how are you guys?? In the next few minutes you will be having some great moment with #UNCLEOLU  featuring the beautiful and super sexy Al-Nisa and we thank her for giving us the opportunity to do this with her stay tuned as we take you into her world.

Here are some of the questions we want you to answer and thank you as this will be very helpful to so many ladies out there….

  1. Can you tell us about yourself? 
    My name is Al-Nisa and I’m 40 years beautiful,I am a plus size power house from New Jersey.  I’m a Product Manager in the Health Insurance industry, which I been working in for the past 22 years. I have an 18 year old son that I love more than life itself.  img_6864
  2. Tell us about your environment and community/ How was growing up? How was your college days/university/hanging out with friends and family?
    I grew up in the inner city, which helped me develop thick skin and learn how to jump over the many obstacles that one is sure to face throughout life. I actually attended college later in life, but the experience was very enlightening. It gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with people of various cultural backgrounds   img_6863
  3. Tell me what do you understand about plus size? 
    For plus size is one wear a between a size 14 – 28.
  4. What do you know/understand about self-love, self-crush and self-worth/self-acceptance? 
    Having the self-love mentality is imperative to all woman not just plus sized/curvy/full figured ladies.  We are all individual beings who are destined for greatness!   img_6862
  5. What’s your size and what size of dress do you wear?
    I wear a 18 pants/jeans/ 22 dress (depending on the cut and designer).
  6. How do you feel about being a plus size? 
    I fully embrace every curve of my body.  I LOVE MYSELF unconditionally.  I never let society’s ideology determine how I feel about myself. 
  7. How did you manage to develop self-love in the mix of all the drama in the society, was it easy for you? 
    No it wasn’t, however I had an awesome mother and father that instilled a strong sense of self- worth in me at an early age.  I feel that there constant reassure prepared me for the harshness of society.   
  8. Where you ever teased about your size or weight line?
     Yes, in elementary school sometimes by friends and family members, but it may be even stronger.img_6857
  9. If yes how did you react and handled it?
     I would say to my friends and family members; “We are ALL UNIQUELY BUILT” and that your issues you have with my weight sounds like a problem you need to work on because I’m just fine!
  10. Take few step back to few years ago and tell us how you feel about yourself now!!
    I’ve have always been extremely confident in all facets of my life. 
  11. Did you ever develop self-hate?
  12. Please tell us where you get your clothes from or you make your own cloths. 
    Eloquii, Simply Be, ASOS, Forever 21, Fashion 2 Figure, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Monif C, Rue 107 and Fashion Nova. img_6858
  13. Have you ever had difficulties with your choice of cloths? 
    The only difficulty that I tend to run into from time to time is with tops, because I’m extremely busty. Bra size 46DDD. 
  14. What’s your everyday challenge as a plus size woman?
    I wouldn’t say that it’s a challenge, but it is very important for me to look well pulled together and not frumpy. 
  15. When someone describe you as “FAT” how do you feel and react? 
    It doesn’t impact me at all.
  16. Will you like to model for a brand if given the opportunity? 
    Yes, I would.
  17. What’s your take on the societal view of the plus size community? 
    I believe that society frowns upon the plus size community, because it sheds light on the normal everyday women larger than a size 14. 
  18. If you can change anything in our society today what will you change? 
    The one thing that I would change would be for everyone to learn to love one another more and put a stop people from being so highly judgmental.
  19. That reminds me, do you envy slimmer women? 
    No, not at all.  And why? Simple. I love myself as I am, no matter what size I may be.  Self-Love is the Best Love. 
  20. What part of your body do you admire most? 
    I have to say that I admire my large breast the most. img_6859
  21. Being plus size, has it ever affected your relationship? 
    No, it hasn’t. My boyfriend loves every inch of my perfect imperfection. 
  22. Do your wear swim suits and how do you feel in them? 
    Yes, I do.  Over the past 3 years both existing and new designers have been making much more sexier bathing suit and two piece bikini options for plus size curvy women.  In the past the options for plus size women was minimal and the designs were very tent like.  I’m extremely happy that I can now purchase sexy suits that put emphasis on my curves and encompass vibrant colors, shapes and styles that are both comfortable and durable. I normally purchase from the following; Monif C, Forever 21 Plus and Swimsuits for all.   unnamed
  23. How did you find out about ILPBBGZ Blog? 
  24. What do you think about ILPBBGZ Blog?
     I think the ILPBBGZ is an awesome platform that showcases the beautiful full figured women from around the world!!
  25. Any words for friends and sister in the plus size community? 
    Yes! To all my full figured woman of the world no matter your race, age or creed.  Always love yourself just the way that you are now.  DO NOT let society determine your self-worth.  WE ARE ALL EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL!!     img_6861

We profoundly thank you for your time and I had a great time with you, you are wonderful and thanks to everyone reading this. Remember to use #momentswithuncle to get an exclusive with ILPBBGZ, We love you all now and always.