How are you and how is everyone out there? Its yet another week and I know someone out there learnt from the SELF CRUSH article and lets continue again today……. We have a friend of #ILPBBGZ, someone you should know about as she is a super diva with a beautiful sense of humor and our Model pick for this Article.. See how she self crush like no other.

When one is happy and feeling go-go…it’s quite easy to respond positively to the subject matter! But when the blues hit, it’s a whole new game to see sense in anything said!

I’ve been there and done that! I wonder if its even possible to wade through life’s water without stumbling on such days!

So supposing the idea of feeling good about you is the very last thing on your mind…you’re the reason for this piece!  image5


No kidding, SELF CRUSHing on you isn’t rocket science, no matter how you feel, look or think right now! It’s simply the act of taking responsibility for you and quit waiting on others to do it for you!

Just as no one goes and poops ‎for you no matter how much they say they love or hate you…you get up and do your business! Same way, you are 100% the only person who can make this happen!image1-4

SELF CRUSHing demands a lot of will power and mind work! Lol! It works like this;

1) I go through a photo album…pictures are powerful! No doubt I’ll remember some good times!

2) I scroll through old chats, letters, cards etc.! The memories therein are priceless even if some feels sh*tty! But sure loads abound that will make me smile and laugh!


image2-33) I browse through my own clothes collections! ‎Now I love doing this, largely because I buy and or sew clothes I truly really like! Never once have I been tempted to stock stuff out of trends or the need to meet up! So when I feel like feeling good…I browse through my wardrobe, bring out one that’s easiest to wear…

4) I style my hair the easiest I know…


5) ‎While about to SELF CRUSH, I don’t try new make at all! I run the colors through as perfectly and lightly as I can…

6) Whether I’m alone or not, who cares?! I turn up the volume of my favorite songs…

7) knowing how I feel is my responsible, I bring my phone out and off I go…snapping me, I and myself!!!

SELF CRUSHing is a beautiful moment often without pretense or care! You do as you please simply for your own enjoyment! You make sure you record the memories of such moments! Even if not one person clicks “LIKE” on social media after posting or sharing…who cares?!

You just had a great moment enjoying yourself by yourself for yourself! Lol!

I must conclude by asking; does this fun time I just described above appears to be the reserve of slim girls only?! Really?! I think not!


If you’ve got item 1 to 7, and there’s breathe in you…c’mon sister, let the SELF CRUSH Begin!!