Month: October 2016

Plus size dominating…..

  KHLOE KARDASHIAN DESIGNS DENIM FOR PLUS SIZE WOMEN There is no doubt that every woman wants to be trendy and rock outfits that are in vogue. Reality star, Khloe Kardashian “jeans junkie” recently announced her denim “Good American”; and the most amazing part is that she’ll be making sizes through 24! I guess you are as excited as we are, we all can’t wait to see what she has in stock. This premium collection was lunched on October 18 at Nordstrom and will go from a size 0 to 24! @goodamerican will offer three denim styles: Good Legs (skinny),...

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Moment with Uncle Olu Feat Chiquita.

      Hello everyone, there is no such thing as an ugly woman or an imperfect body, Lets have a great #momentwithuncleolu with this awesome and down to earth lady as she takes us into her world, please read and contribute.     Can you tell us about yourself?  –  “My name is Chiquita I am 38 years young and I’m a wife, a mother of three children two step-daughters and a glam mom of a baby boy.  I am from Harvey, IL  about 10 miles from Chicago.  When we moved into our neighborhood we were the first black family...

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It’s a way of life.

I can never come to the end of this never ending tale of Self Crush, lol. As a child I used to love that song by Whitney Houston titled; THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL… Awesome piece,the import and impact of that song didn’t register until I became a grown adult. Self-Love which I call Self-crush when applied in its right quantity is very essential in birthing a fulfilling life. There’s absolutely no way here on this Mother Earth you can love another human being without first loving YOU. Bible puts it thus; “And YOU shall love your neighbor as YOUrself (the...

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Moment with Uncle Olu

    Good day everyone and how are you guys?? In the next few minutes you will be having some great moment with #UNCLEOLU  featuring the beautiful and super sexy Al-Nisa and we thank her for giving us the opportunity to do this with her stay tuned as we take you into her world. Here are some of the questions we want you to answer and thank you as this will be very helpful to so many ladies out there…. Can you tell us about yourself?  My name is Al-Nisa and I’m 40 years beautiful,I am a plus size...

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Exciting new tips on plus-sized fashion

  YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT TO LOOK GREAT…  Dressing up should be fun and flexible, it should be spicy and full of variety, and most importantly it should convey beauty. Today, we are going to be addressing how we can dress our fuller figures with confidence and charisma; we’ll be looking at few awesome fashion tips that will ultimately improve our dress pattern. Sit back, grab a chilled drink, and enjoy! DRESS FOR YOUR BODY SHAPE AND NOT YOUR BODY SIZE Every woman is uniquely and awesomely made, we all have our different body shapes (pear, hour-glass,...

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