¬†Hello Ladies…
My name is Bimbo Olamide and for the next blogging moments, I shall be your Host. If your quite ready, lets get this ball rolling, shall we?!
This God above us is a very humorous God and He does as He pleases with us mortals. In His infinite wisdom and for His utmost delight, His creations comes in all manner of sizes, shapes, colors, temperaments, lengths, strengths, widths and aptitudes. My guess is He did this to ensure we humans can enjoy life and never be bored. This must be the reason why there exist the big, the small, the rich, the poor, the fat, the thin, the tall, the short, the beast and the beauty…and whatever your pedigree, you’re bound to fall into one of these categories. After all, as they say, no one is perfect.20160924113925

This INTRO brings me to the Subject above and I will elaborate further with my very own personal gist…



Some five years ago, I hit a milestone and as I looked at myself intensely in the mirror, it occurred to me that since I was 17, I’d maintained the same body weight line. OK, perhaps that to some may be good news but to me, it wasn’t especially when I needed to trend the latest ‘Aso Ebi’ and my Tailor had to exercise more patience than necessary in order to work me a perfect fit. I confess here and now that I got green eyed jealous whenever I saw at Events, Church and other public places Sisters with curvy bodies rocking their styles like goddesses.20160924113432
I tell the truth and I lie not, I had a feeling like God was sometimes unfair. Why would He endow one gal with lusciousness meant for ten grown women?!
I couldn’t tell why but I didn’t enjoy anymore this never ending teenager’s bodily structure I was stuck in. Even a trip to the Doc that said I was good couldn’t undo this “un-nice” feeling I had about my body. A few questions here and there and I got on an appetite enhancer desperately gaming for a 10 kg increase from my 50 kg. Oh dear, how I so failed! Nothing I did bought me even a kg extra. Was I mad at myself?! Yes I was!
As the years rolled by, I accepted the fate that I was born thin!!! I can’t explain how infuriated I got when I complained to close pals only to hear how lucky I was to have what others were dying to have! Really?!
Its five years after and I have even prayed and begged God to approve me 5 kg since He didn’t have 10 to spare and He’s not listening to me at all on that subject! And I have had an earful of how peeps are looking for what I have while I’m doing appetite enhancers to have what they want! Mehnn, isn’t life fun and funny!!!
Resigned to living in this body I cant do nothing about, and just for your ears only…I now wear every thing padded!!! lol!!!
Irony is truly when a thin gal like me is now writing for a Plus Size Blog…right?!
I may not understand your struggles, but I know what it means not to like your own body and do all sorts to change and fail and then give up and go back to the very beginning of liking what you’ve got and treating it well.¬†
I like Sisters who are full, they fit into their clothes like they live in it.
I like Sisters who are chubby, they smile with their heart.
I like Sisters who are big, they are stand out in any gathering.
I like Sisters who are plus, they are beautiful, not seen any ugly one yet.
I like Sisters who we call f*t, they don’t have to do padded bras and hips and bum!20160924114754
Its your turn, lets hear why you like you as being Plus size.