tumblr_mpygqv2pp71s2kzeao1_500The plus size movement began when big women decided to stop hating themselves,stop drowning in self pity and start loving themselves regardless of what other people thought! Grow a thick skin towards critics and find your happiness! She accepted the beauty in her own ways and learnt to carry herself.


The Lost Hero Beauty Quote

There is no such thing as a body better than yours. Did you know that there’s a body type that easily adds weight, and hardly loses any? They’re called endomorphs! So what if you’ve been plus size all your life? Accept it, love it, and beautify it! You deserve to be happy. you size has never and will never be a reason not to be happy, Happiness is your God given right.




This is so true. When you put yourself down in front of people just so they don’t have to do it, they will criticize you when you forget to do it yourself. But show the world that you’re a big, confident, beautiful queen, and they’ll have no choice but to accept your stance!

Learn to accept a compliment, being plus size has never mean a person should be less of themselves. We are all beautiful in all ways. Never be ashamed of who you are.




 This just speaks for itself. Even slim women cannot look outstanding without confidence. Exalt your beauty. Be confident in yourself, physically and mentally. being confident in ones skin doesn’t apply to the plus size community, it talks about all body type.

Women in general sometimes want some extra rolls, some more backside, fuller lashes/eyebrows, some bigger boobs, some wants to be taller, some even want the opposite of the listed.

All this doesn’t just tell about the plus size community but all body type.






BIG-ENYou are not ugly. Society’s standards of beauty are limited and downright ridiculous. You’re too good for anyone who can’t see your beauty.

Like I have said, there are no world standards to being beautiful, at least I have not seen any.



You are more than just a size. You can be whoever you want to be. You can do yoga, you can act, and you can score a beautiful man! Believe you are beautiful and worthy, and you are! Have you not seen the recent turn around in the fashion trend? A plus size woman becomes a famous Model? A plus size woman wear a sexy gown, wears denim and combines it with some beautiful white top to match it. Oh, please! I can go on.




  Loving yourself doesn’t come from other people accepting you. It comes from you choosing to love and adorn yourself no matter your size. So stop being ashamed, stop fighting yourself. Be confident. Wear your size with style. I have noticed it that on social media some people are so loving and cool when they comment on a certain post of the plus size beauty and others can be something else. The thing is when you post a picture and you come back to meet a troll comment, all I will expect you to do is either delete it or just let it go cause it will always be said that something is wrong about your body. The society doesn’t really encourage the plus size woman enough but ‘who is the society??’ Be the change you want in the world.

Even a slim or lean woman sometimes gets her side of the bad comments when they call her too thin or too skinny and I am like what do they want? Oh, yes! PERFECTION. Does it really exist when it comes to body type and feeling good and comfortable in your own body? Always EFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS and And repeat this always…