Women of larger size shouldn’t be treated differently than their thin counterparts.

We live in an imperfect, unfair existence, and shapely women sometimes don’t get the public fawning that slimmer women do. It may not be the experience of every plus-size girl, but it is for far too many.

It’s important that a man comes out and say loudly, that he digs a BBW (Big Beautiful Women). But what is it about plus-size ladies that turns men on? Let me tell you some of my experience…


  1. They’re confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Many plus-size women have natural confidence, much like their thinner counterparts, but many bigger women may not. These women usually develop confidence over time, and its hard-earned confidence.

Unfortunately, a large number of curvy women may have had to go through abuse (mental, and possibly physical) and ridicule in their younger, and even adult years. That’s beyond sad but what’s actually wonderful about this sh*tty treatment is that once these ladies get through it, brush themselves off, and thrive, they end up possessing an air of confidence that’s regal, special, and magical.

And it’s sexy. Ever seen a curvy queen stroll through a party and slay, effortlessly? I have — and it’s hot. I totally respect it. Its earned confidence that also doubles as a victory lap for a woman who’s determined to win at life. And men can’t get enough.

photo 10

She wears confidence like a Crown




  1. Their curves are super-hot.

There’s something about her shapely figured, individual style and again, confidence, that drives men wild. Not that they don’t notice thin women. They do. They have Full disclosure: Some men have gone on a date with thin women in their time, but their preference is still BBW.


  1. They are beautiful beyond doubt.

Smaller women can have nice fannies, but no one does junk in the trunk like plus-size women. If a guy doesn’t turn his head when a hot BBW walks past wearing leggings or her sexy gown, he may be blind.

Plus size women are gorgeous in every way and they deserve to know how beautiful they are. Aside from the matter of preference, the men who can’t date a plus size woman are usually insecure by default and want a slimmer woman to make them feel like they’re good enough.






4. She has a big heart.


I know you are probably thinking cause she is big , her heart is bigger but you are not correct. A plus size woman is just like you and I but she has seen a lot of backlash and ill comments from many and has now learn to love herself and everyone around her, she has a great spirit and a keen interest in making people around her happy. she will never get you wanting but gives you a great reason to smile cause of her sense of humor. I know some pretty funny plus size ladies and you must believe me when I tell you these things.









Confident men wholeheartedly go for plus size women , Its been another great week and wow!! I had fun reading this lovely and interesting article and hope you did? Well, now you know some of my reasons why I love and adore a BIG BOLD and BEAUTIFUL Woman… They are something to die for. I love you all and please all body matters…..