A woman is beautiful in every way and it doesn’t matter what size or shape or color. In today’s society, a woman becomes an object of ridicule and jokes because of her body type. You will agree with me that being a BIG/FAT girl isn’t easy or so acceptable in the society today.

  The plus size community is facing a big challenge everyday as you all know it, a plus size woman has herself to face, her friends, choosing cloths type, shoe type and size, has challenges with social gathering and the society at large. If a plus size woman can look good, combine her fashion style then she gets a 40% positive encouragement/comments. The plus size community has long battled with this and everyone even the media choose to be less concerned. The plus size woman have rights to be happy and feel comfortable in every way necessary .

  I am happy that a small percentage of confident plus size women, who found there groove and inner CHIC are saying no to #BODYSHAMING. I am proud to tell you today that revolution in the fashion industry and society has really taken a great turn as you will agree with me that the plus size community is seen differently from how it used to be seen.

Now we see a plus size woman;

Big girls wear swim suit too.....

Big girls wear swim suit too…..

1)wear swimsuit .

2)on the runway.

3)take full pictures not just selfies and half pictures, accept compliments.

4)and so on!!  But don’t be quick to conclude or celebrate as the society tend to fear what they don’t understand and is scared of change.

photo 3

However, Have you ever asked yourself why the society acts the way it does towards the Adorable Plus size woman?  Why an extra flesh and skin is regarded as ugly? “Why do I need to care about their opinion of my body?”  “Why do I need to fit in?” “Why should I feel better in a different body or society?” Even the very skinny woman is abused, denied her right to be happy in her own skin. Something we will look at next time is how the society works on the psychological response you give anytime you are shamed or feel less of your body. Building self-confidence, self love and accepting your body type is way more than what so many imagine. Its takes mental, emotional and even physical work to build a positive body mind.

   My queens, my fluffy angel, my very own model, you will always be loved in any situation and you should carry yourself with more self pride and happiness, spend more time doing what everyone thinks you can’t do, always feel beautiful, even your mind will play tricks on you.  Accept your flaws and perfections, work hard on yourself not to look beautiful for anyone but for you and you alone. Be confident in yourself and support one another. Be your own society and spend more time smiling, you never know when you will need it. There is always a reason a laugh, smile and be happy, its never too late to start your jorney of Self love.