If I suck it in and hold my breath just a little more, I can get the zipper up”, I said to myself yesterday in the dressing room at the shop, Just another 1/2 inch and I’d be down another size!

Then it dawned on me that if I kept sucking in and holding my breath to wear a size smaller jean that the only “down” I’d be doing would be falling down to the floor due to lack of oxygen!

Why is it that we place so much value on the ability to get a zipper up? 

Society has placed a lot of emphasis on being skinny. How often do you see a plus size woman on the cover of a health or beauty magazine? I personally can’t think of one. 

What media does cover, though 
, are the mid-drift shots of plus size women in the news reports on the health risks of being overweight. They never show faces or eyes; just what they deem to be “wrong”.

 What would society see if there were faces associated with those “wrong” mid drifts? They might be surprised that some of us actually know we have health risk, and doing our best, but what we think of ourselves is more than just our size!

I have a big caring heart with my plus size but you don’t get that report. I’m told I have a beautiful smile, but the media would never get that high up. My sense of humor…HUGE. Perhaps my sarcasm is a health risk, as well.

Plus size can mean so much more if we allow it to be. How we think of ourselves is how we treat others. A children’s song I learned many years ago reflects the idea of if we treat ourselves kindly, we will treat others the same.

”I want to be kind to everyone, for that is right, you see.
So I say to myself, ‘Remember this: Kindness begins with me.'”

Unless we can each come to understand that who we truly are is more than what others think, and treat ourselves with the respect we deserve, we will forever be holding our breath to get that blasted zipper up!