Recent trends have made the larger population believe that it is abnormal to be ‘big’ or ‘fat’ as they would rather call it, this trend has led some beautifully gorgeous and curvy creatures feeling less attractive or not wanted in the society, little wonder why everybody wants to lose weight, even when the weight just puts you in a perfect attracting position, this is a norm that a large number of people have gotten accustomed to but that shouldn’t be the case as every single individual has to be comfortable in his or her skin, you have to love yourself and every single package that comes with you, that includes your shape and size, conspicuously the big, fat girl is so bold that she is glaring to whoever cares to see and more obvious to that person that obviously noticed her but pretends she is too fat just to hide the fear factor that has been imposed on them by your terrifying nature, sweetheart they don’t have a problem with your size, they love your size, they love the shape and curves, but they are just scared, you are beautifully intimidating, oh well flesh is not for the chicken hearted, bones are what is reserved for dogs, so why feel little about what or whoever cannot man up to you.



I figured the word FAT stands for FULL*ALLURING*TERRIFYING (Tantalizing), yes you are FAT!!!! I think that is something to be excited about, that is enough to mount up that desired self-love, which culminates into self-confidence and begets self-esteem, who else noticed it all starts with “self” “ well you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” that is why you have to see the right picture of yourself, you have to love your size and curves, it’s a blessing, there has to be that body-confidence that results in self-acceptance, and self-acceptance enables you to show the world that you are both a combination of beauty and brains establishing that there is beauty beyond sizes and as a matter of fact your curves should be honored but the truth remains just as – Lucille Ball puts it “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” So FAT one do me and most importantly yourself a favor, be excited you are Fat, Curvy, big and beautiful, step out it style and show the world why you should be appreciated.

Subsequently i will be sharing tips on just how to enhance self-love, grow your self-confidence and impose that self-esteem on them, whatever you do never forget you are FULL-ALLURING-TERRYFING #FAT