What is the reflection that I choose to see in the mirror of life that reflects back with me?

It begins as a child as we change and we grow. How the reflection will change, we really can’t know.

A pillowcase used for the veil of a bride, and a baby doll used for a child by your side.

The reflection is pure, all your dreams will come true. The choice that you make is to like the real you.

With each passing year the reflection gets blurred by the voices outside; the cruel words that are heard.

It’s now hard to choose the reflection you see. How do you know, “Who is the real me?”

Sometimes in life, your mirror gets shattered. You are broken and wonder if you ever did matter.

A stranger’s reflection now looks back at you. Where do you go? What do you do?

Then you remember you’re a daughter of God and the Savior has walked down the path you have trod.

The choice you must make is one of self worth; a divine rite given to us all from our birth.

The mirror begins to be smooth once again, with kindness and love from dear family and friends.

And now in the mirror each day I will see, the person I like: that person is me and you should always look in the mirror and no matter who reflects back to you, is a beauty without flaws.